The path dedicated to Manager Development.



Practical and pragmatic.


DJM: Summary of core techniques

Benchmarking framework

The Praxis approach was developed by Aristotle and revived in the dynamics of learning based on alternating practice with reflection and methodology. This method advances the skills and development of competent professionals in the concrete realization of what is expected by the company and the institution.

Intrinsic Principle

An initial assessment is performed with the help of an online audit. The DJM allows disclosure and systematically asks for tangible proof of the actual practices of the manager.


The Development Journey for the Manager "DJM" is initiated with the tool, which is verified online audit software. Access to the software is doubly secure.

Audit analysis

The audit analyses and reports the results, after a double-read, on 55 competencies. They are first distributed in analytical versions within 7 key areas: Personality, Job, Tools, Colleague Relations, Team Relations, Sales and Strategy, Economic Positioning. In the dynamic version, we rediscover these skills in the context of Deming’s 4-step PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act), with an additional step related to decision-making, motivation, and commitment.

The audit results are included in the written report

The preliminary comments and recommendations are generated automatically. A weighted rating system places the manager's level of power, advises the key topics to be addressed, and allows for comparison and benchmarking.

Extensive reporting and recommendations

The automatic report is finalized by comments and recommendations made by the expert consultant dedicated to the mission. This constitutes the final report.

Path to Development 

The results and recommendations are communicated during a private face-to-face interview and immediately translated into an actionable improvement programme.

Customized tool

The entire process can be adapted to each specific business situation or institution in terms of skills, weighting, language, or level of confidentiality.

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